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Dentist Paso Robles, CA

Dentist in Paso Robles, CA

Need to find an experienced dentist near you? At Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics in Paso Robles, CA, Our team and providers have years of experience caring for patients from a diverse variety of backgrounds. We offer our patients a comprehensive array of dental treatments, including orthodontic treatment, dental implants, root canals, gum disease treatment, oral surgery, and more.

Have questions about our local dental clinic? Give us a call! Our team is always ready to help. Looking to schedule your visit with our dentist in Paso Robles? All you need to do is complete our digital scheduling tool, and we’ll see you here soon.

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Why Choose Us?


Experienced Dentist

Our team of providers have helped over 10,000 patients improve their smiles with Invisalign.


Advanced Technology

Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics utilizes high-tech equipment for our patients.


Multilingual Office

At our dental clinic, we're happy to serve you in either English, Spanish, or Punjabi.


Here are a few of our most popular options for dental treatment.


Pricing Plans

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