10 Advantages to Settle Upon an Oral Surgeon for Cosmetic Dentistry

10 Advantages to Settle Upon an Oral Surgeon for Cosmetic Dentistry
June 1, 2022

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the visual appeal of your mouth, including your smile, teeth, and gums. Cosmetic dentistry gives you an enhanced smile if you have chipped, broke, discolored, or misaligned teeth. Common cosmetic dentistry procedures include filling, implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and inlays.

A cosmetic dentist is responsible for minor dental fixes and major surgeries. It is therefore advisable to settle on an oral surgeon for cosmetic dentistry. Oral surgeons are very skilled and have a wide experience. They are, therefore, the best candidates for cosmetic dentists.

Visit an oral surgeon in your area to get a correct verdict on whether you need oral cosmetic procedures. Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics has qualified and well-experienced oral surgeons and dentists in Paso Robles. You get restorative treatment since you do not get the hassles of being referred to another dental facility.

Oral Surgeons and Their Qualifications

Even though cosmetic dentistry is a widely practiced industry, currently, it is not recognized by the American Dental Association. Therefore, there are no degree programs offered in the universities for the dental area.

Therefore, cosmetic dentists must first receive training in dental school programs. The training includes cosmetic dentistry, pain management, orthodontics, oral medicine, dental history, and law. Due to the lack of specialty in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgeons are best suited to perform the procedures due to their massive training and wide experience.

An oral surgeon is a wide specialty and therefore specializes in both surgical and non-surgical management of dental conditions in adults and children. They handle cosmetic dentistry professionally and other critical dental issues such as surgical treatment of critical facial injuries and reconstructive surgery.

They are the most qualified dental professionals. Their qualifications include;

  • Oral surgeons first take 2 -4 years of undergraduate study (BS or BA)
  • They then enroll for another 4 years of dental study (DMD, BDS, DDS, or BDent)
  • Four years of residency training
  • Two years to acquire a medical degree
  • Some enroll in fellowship programs such as cosmetic facial surgery, head and neck cancer, or cranio-maxillofacial trauma for 1 – 2 years.

It’s pure class when receiving cosmetic dentistry from an oral surgeon with over 10 years of dental training and experience. You get the best services from the best professionals. However, their costs are usually higher.

The Advantages of Settling Upon an Oral Surgeon for Cosmetic Dentistry

The advantages are divided into two categories. The first are the benefits of an oral surgeon, while the second category carries the benefits of cosmetic dentistry when conducted by an expert.

  1. They specialize in dental procedures

An oral surgeon is the most qualified dental professional specializing in necessary dental procedures. They have undergone training for many years to offer expert procedures, including simple and complex procedures.

  1. They handle complications

When receiving cosmetic procedures, you may be having an underlying problem that general dentists cannot treat. An oral surgeon can diagnose a problem and follow the ideal procedure for treating it. They may also detect the possibility of a certain dental disorder and help prevent it from occurring.

  1. For anesthesia reasons

If you require a cosmetic procedure that requires surgery, an anesthesia expert is needed. However, they can handle everything with an oral surgeon, including anesthesia administration. They can therefore help those individuals that experience moderate to severe dental anxiety.

  1. Oral surgeons are all-rounded

Settling upon an oral surgeon for cosmetic procedures is beneficial because of their comprehensive specialty training. You cannot be referred to another facility when treated by an oral surgeon, especially in cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Enhance your smile

Cosmetic dentistry helps you to improve your smile. You no longer need to be afraid of smiling in front of people. Furthermore, an enhanced smile boosts your self-confidence.

  1. Improves overall oral health

Chipped or broken teeth create a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive. Undertaking cosmetic procedures destroys all those bacteria hubs. Also, straight and uniform teeth are easier to brush and floss.

  1. Improves your bite

Cosmetic procedures straighten your teeth and make the smile more attractive. They also erase the problems associated with broken or chipped teeth. Your bite is therefore enhanced since the teeth are properly aligned and stronger.

Other Benefits Include

  • Gives a youthful smile
  • Offer long-lasting results
  • Enhances the shape of your teeth
  • Better oral health
  • Enhanced appetite