Significant Reasons to Choose a Professional Pediatric Dentist

Significant Reasons to Choose a Professional Pediatric Dentist
January 1, 2022

Your child hits new milestones every passing day, and their first dental visit is another milestone you may want to include in their baby book. Children’s dental visits must begin soon after the eruption of their first tooth but no later than their first birthday. You may think early dental visits are unnecessary but will express surprise with information that children can develop tooth decay and cavities soon after the eruption of their teeth. Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics recommend you must remain proactive with your child’s dental health to ensure they keep their smile healthy for life. Therefore you must choose a facility for pediatric dentistry near me as your child’s first birthday approaches.

Please do not assume the dental needs of children are similar to adults because they aren’t. Children’s requirements are different, and they need specialized attention from a dental professional qualified to treat children. The pediatric dentist in Paso Robles, CA, has acquired additional education for treating the developing teeth of children. Their training includes working in a dental office exclusively designed for children and learning how to interact with children of all ages, starting from infants until adolescents. The specialist also has the training to treat children with special needs.

Major Reasons to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists, after their education, are better prepared to manage problems unique to children. For example, they can handle the complexities of teeth growth and development, helping them to identify issues and provide timely and effective preventive dental care. There are also experts helping children scared of dentists by keeping them comfortable to ensure they don’t develop dental phobia.

Besides investing in kid-friendly offices with decor appealing to children, pediatric dentists also invest in child-friendly equipment. They are aware that standard dental equipment also helps treat children but make efforts to keep your child comfortable using smaller instruments when children are undergoing pediatric dentistry procedures like cleanings and exams, filling cavities, or getting any other treatments like dental sealants or fluoride.

Pediatric dentists are aware infants between 14 months to 3 years frequently develop cavities on their front teeth when breastfeeding or sleeping with a baby bottle. Cavities are standard on children between three and five on the pits and fissures of their molars. Accordingly, pediatric dentists tailor the treatment to the child’s needs by providing appropriate care in a clinic with experienced staff and kid-friendly equipment. Children are also rewarded with a bag full of gifts, including a toothbrush, floss picks, and other tools to enable them to familiarize themselves with the dental hygiene routine at the pediatric dentist’s office at home.

Examining and evaluating your child’s oral health is not the only job of pediatric dentists. There are also specialists in providing sedation if your child is nervous or fidgety. In addition, they can offer customized mouthguards to your child if they are involved in contact sports. Most importantly, they specialize in preventive care to help keep your child’s teeth and oral health in prime condition.

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

When taking your child for their first dental visit, it helps to talk to them about what they can expect by remaining positive in your discussion. Try to get your child to open and close their mouths to prepare them for the moment when the dentist checks and counts their teeth. You can ease your child’s fear by watching videos or reading books about first dental visits to instill confidence in them.

Both parents must prepare for the pediatric dentistry visit. When scheduling the appointment, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about necessary patient forms because most offices have some paperwork that needs filling. You may find it easier and quicker to complete the forms at home instead of the pediatric dentist’s office during your appointment.

Pediatric dentists are dental professionals and do not hesitate to answer questions if you have a long list of them in your possession. For example, if your child is teething, thumb-sucking, or excessively using a pacifier, pediatric dentists can offer advice on treating the detrimental mouth-related habits.

During your child’s visit, expect the pediatric dentist to check their teeth and jaw to ensure they are developing correctly. Expect the dentist to request you to sit in the dentist’s chair with your child in your lap. The dentist checks for injuries, cavities, and other problems, and after the exams are over, also cleans your child’s teeth providing tips to you on their daily dental care. Do not worry yourself if your child cries or wriggles during the exam. The pediatric dentist understands it is your child’s first dental exam and manages the situation expertly.