The Benefits Of Clear Aligners Therapy: Why Are More People Choosing It?

The Benefits Of Clear Aligners Therapy: Why Are More People Choosing It?
February 1, 2023

Ever since clear aligners were introduced in the late 90s, they have captured the attention of many adults who did not receive orthodontic treatment during childhood and confronted challenges with crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. The issues are quickly resolved by orthodontists providing clear aligners therapy over conventional orthodontics to enjoy the benefits of clear aligners.

People with orthodontic imperfections consider conventional orthodontics ungainly because traditional braces are not aesthetically pleasing. However, clear aligners offered people to start wearing virtually invisible braces customized for their mouths by providers of clear aligners. In addition, treatment with clear aligners delivered faster results while providing many other benefits to help adults seek orthodontic treatment during adulthood.

What Are ClearCorrect Aligners?

Adults seeking to straighten teeth might find ClearCorrect aligners best suited for their needs. ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligners offering adults the freedom to straighten teeth during adulthood using comfortable, removable, and nearly invisible braces over their teeth without confronting the challenges that are familiar with traditional orthodontics.

ClearCorrect is a transparent aligner system that helps straighten teeth to replace traditional braces. It is similar to other aligners and available to dentists or orthodontists who are certified to offer them to their patients. The aligners help straighten teeth using a series of custom-created removable aligners to gradually move until the patient’s teeth are straightened to give a new and revitalized smile.

How Do Clear Correct Aligners Work?

ClearCorrect aligner therapy involves four phases of aligner treatment. Every stage requires a new set of aligners that adults must wear over their teeth for three weeks.

Adults seeking ClearCorrect aligner therapy must wear the invisible braces or their teeth throughout the day except when eating or cleaning their teeth. The aligners created by the manufacturers remain aesthetically pleasing, ensuring they will be virtually indistinguishable on the patient’s teeth.

After wearing every phase of aligner therapy, adults start noticing visible results as their teeth gradually adjust and align to suit their desired smile. Periodic checkups are essential with the dentist in Paso Robles, CA, to evaluate the patient’s progress and receive the next batch of aligners. The sequence remains ongoing until the end of the treatment.

The treatment time with ClearCorrect aligners can vary according to the patient’s needs and the degree of misalignment. Adults can consider three different types of ClearCorrect aligner treatment provided by ClearCorrect in Paso Robles, CA, using the unlimited option providing them as many aligners as they need to complete their treatment; the limited 12 providing them 12 sets of aligners, and the limited 6 providing six sets of aligners.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners Therapy

  • Comfort: Clear aligners benefit people in many ways. The treatment remains discreet without advertising to all and sundry about people undergoing orthodontic treatment with metal brackets and wires mounted on their teeth.
  • Discreet: the dental grade BPA-free plastic that helps make clear aligners remains virtually indistinguishable in the mouth even when moving around in public or socializing, making the treatment an excellent option for adults that generally wouldn’t want to avoid mixing around from the embarrassment of having metal braces over their teeth.
  • Removable: unlike orthodontic braces that are mounted on the teeth for the duration of the treatment and need help from orthodontists for removal, clear aligner therapy provides people the freedom to wear and remove the aligners themselves. The removable feature of the aligners also helps adults eat the foods they love and maintain excellent dental hygiene for the duration of their treatment because no restrictions are imposed on them regarding such matters.
  • Fewer Orthodontic Visits: people seeking clear aligner therapy are not required to visit their provider every month for adjustments and to tighten because they are not saddled with brackets and wires on the clear aligners. Instead, people visit the Paso Robles provider every six to eight weeks to evaluate their progress and pick up a fresh batch of aligners. Fewer dental visits result in savings, which is beneficial for adults seeking treatments to straighten teeth.

Why More People Are Choosing Clear Aligners Therapy

The benefits mentioned above and the comfortable nature of the treatment is the prime reason people select clear aligners therapy over conventional orthodontics. In addition, the treatment helps adults achieve their goals faster than traditional orthodontics delivering results within one or two years instead of more than three needed by orthodontic treatment with metal braces. Therefore, adults who did not receive orthodontic treatment during childhood and develop misaligned teeth prefer ClearCorrect aligner therapy to straighten teeth instead of alternatives.

Adults with mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections looking to straighten teeth will help themselves by consulting Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics, providing ClearCorrect aligners in the Paso Robles area. The consultation with the dentist will help people comfortably straighten their teeth using the aligners instead of traditional orthodontics.