Types and Benefits of Invisalign

Types and Benefits of Invisalign
March 1, 2022

Invisalign is a procedure that utilizes clear aligners instead of metal braces to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a set of transparent braces covering your teeth, gradually moving them into the right position. They are less noticeable than typical metal braces since they are transparent and can be put on and off.

Many people would want to improve their smile but only think that metal braces are the only option. However, through the use of Invisalign, you can still smile without anyone noticing that you have them on.

This is different from wearing metal braces. Your teeth may be comfortable, attractive, and perfectly aligned in half the time; it would take conventional braces with Invisalign clear braces.

If you’re a parent considering orthodontic treatment for your child, child, or adult who has been delaying their therapy for years, Invisalign is a great option. Vineyard Dental & Orthodontics looks at the types and benefits of Invisalign near you.

Types of Invisalign

There are four various types of Invisalign, and each is used to reach the desired treatment for your teeth.

Invisalign full is used to treat more complex orthodontic issues. This type of Invisalign uses more aligners than the other types of Invisalign. Treatment duration is from 12 to 18 months on average, but it varies from person to person since each person may be prescribed different aligners to enhance their smile. Therefore, it is advised that you consult your dentist in Paso Robles, California, about the duration you have to wear your Invisalign.

Invisalign Lite is a less complicated version of Invisalign. These aligners are used for mild to moderate overcrowding, spaces, and other alignment issues. You’ll wear 14 aligner trays, which will cut your treatment duration in half to roughly six or seven months. Before pursuing cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, several patients choose Invisalign Lite to repair minor issues and realign their teeth.

The Invisalign i7 is the most recent update to the Invisalign product line. It has a shorter treatment period than the standard Invisalign complete treatment. Invisalign i7 is used to remedy minor crowding or that one pesky crooked teeth that have always been a nuisance in your pictures. In circumstances when previous orthodontic treatment has been completed, and recurrence has been minimal, Invisalign i7 may be a viable option. Consult with your dentist about the various options of Invisalign in Paso Robles, CA.

There is usually a time of fast change for teens as they mature. With some unique characteristics, Invisalign Teen was created to aid these concerns. In addition, this type of aligner has up to six free replacement dental aligners as teens tend to misplace things, and therefore this Invisalign solves that problem.

Benefits of Invisalign

It’s crucial to understand the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces while choosing your orthodontic treatment alternatives. The most obvious benefit of having Invisalign over traditional braces is that they are clear, and therefore most people will not notice that you have them on. In addition, Invisalign braces give you the confidence to talk and smile among your peers.

Invisalign also makes it effortless to maintain proper dental hygiene. This is because they are detachable, and therefore you can remove the aligners when you eat, floss, and brush your teeth, ensuring they are clean and free from germs which can lead to gum infections.

You can save time using Invisalign. Traditional Invisalign, you’ll have fewer checkups than with braces, which demand more frequent appointments to change the archwire and make adjustments. Treatment times are frequently shortened as well.

Invisalign are much more comfortable than metal braces, and they do not irritate your gums or teeth.

Traditional braces have metallic aligners, which hinder your teeth’ free movement. This is not the same with Invisalign.

How Long Will Your Treatment Take?

The average treatment time for Invisalign is twelve months, although this might vary based on the patient’s age and individual needs. Because each situation is special, you’ll be given an approximate treatment time once your teeth are evaluated and digital photos are taken. Consult your dentist in Paso Robles, California, about your teeth issue and the suitable Invisalign for your teeth.